About Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico brings you the best of the Caribbean: over 270 miles of white-sand beaches, balmy temperatures throughout the year (we never get into the triple digits), tropical flavors and rhythms.

The School is located in Puerto Rico, a Commonwealth of the United States of America. All Puerto Ricans are American citizens. The banking, postal and judicial systems, and communications, international transportation and commerce are under US federal laws and regulations. The US dollar is the official currency. Both Spanish and English are official languages. All major American airlines connect US mainland cities to Puerto Rico. We enjoy a tropical climate with average temperatures of 80º F in the coast and 70º F in the mountain region and have over 200 miles of beautiful beaches and the only rain forest within a US jurisdiction.

But did you know that, even among its fellow Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico stands out? Take a closer look at what makes our island special… even by Caribbean standards.