Student Support Services


The School of Law is committed to providing students with services that support their academic goals in a comfortable environment. The School also takes into account the needs of our diverse student population, particularly the needs of those students who are employed, in a relationship and/or are parents.  The School provides support to students through organizations such as the Student Council and considers students’ needs regarding financial aid, special needs accommodations, placement, library, organizations, and co-curricular activities.


Tuition and Financial Aid Program


Tuition and fees (for academic year 2015-16)

Admission Application (once)      $63.00

Admission Fee (once admitted) $125.00

Preparatory Course (once)        $485.00

Credit hour                                  $485.00

Other fees (per semester)          $424.00

Simulated Bar Exam (once)         $20.00

Bar Preparation – Law                $595.00

For more information contact Mrs. Ileana Piñero González,


Financial Aid Program


Subject to the availability of funds, the School of Law at Inter American University of Puerto Rico has placed great emphasis in bringing the fullest financial aid assistance to our students with the intention of covering the following expenses: Tuition, Room, Board, Equipment, Books, Personal Expenses, Transportation and other fees. 

Overall, financial aid is based on Federal Direct Loans.  This aid is available to all students with need who meet the requirements and conditions imposed.  Also, we have a limited portion of state and institutional funds for students with special economic needs and those who have an excellent academic performance.  These requirements are subject to review each academic year. 

Students must meet all of the following requirements and criteria to be eligible to receive federal, state and institutional financial aid:

·         Be a United States Citizen, national, U.S. permanent resident or eligible non-citizen

·         Be enrolled as a Half Time student.  At less 6 credits or more

·         Not be in default of any previous student loans

·         Maintain a satisfactory academic progress of 2.00 or more

·         Be registered with Selective Service (males).

·         Complete all the steps required to apply for financial assistance.

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Start here:   U.S. Department of Education and Federal Student Aid logo (Start Here. Go Further.)

For more information contact Mr. Ricardo Crespo,


Academic Support Program


The School of Law developed and is implementing an Academic Support Program (ASP). The ASP provides strategies to help students develop necessary writing, reading and critical thinking skills needed to continue legal studies, obtain the best possible academic index or grade point average (GPA), successfully complete the requirements for graduation and increase their probability of passing the Bar examination. ASP objectives include monitoring students' academic progress and achievements since the beginning of their law program and periodically throughout their career. Also, the program looks forward to providing the academic support necessary to assure that each student pursuing the JD program has the opportunity to participate in the ASP and increase his/her opportunity of successfully completing his or her degree. The ASP is in charge of Ángel Candelario since February 11, 2013. Candelario is a former judge and a professor at the School of Law.


Inter American University Law Review


The School's Law Review is published three times a year. It was founded in 1964, and at the beginning was exclusively managed by law professors. In 1971, the law review's management was handed to an editorial board composed entirely of students, and supervised by a law professor.  Law Review courses are geared to promoting critical analysis of different aspects of law through legal research, and to improve students' writing skills. Each semester every editor has to carry out sound legal research on one of the current aspects of law. Out of all the articles submitted, the editorial board selects a limited number for publication.

Law Review I, II, III, and IV are two credit courses each, which form part of the School's academic program. These courses are available for students who have a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average and have approved at least 26 credits. Law Review V is only available to the editorial board directors. The courses are tuition free.

The Law Review also holds conferences and invites speakers and public figures to discuss aspects of general interest to the School of Law community. These activities are usually good sources for gathering excellent publication materials. The Law Review office has ample physical facilities, several computers and a library. These resources recognize our commitment to research and scholarship.


Clave law review (Journal of Critical Approaches to Law)


CLAVE (klá-ve), is a joint project of Latina/Latino Critical Studies (LatCrit, Inc.), a progressive movement of legal scholars, and the Inter American University School of Law. CLAVE explores the ways in which the state, laws and other forces and discourses subject nationalized, genderized, racialized, and sexualized bodies. CLAVE also explores the many modes of resistance to state power, colonialism, imperialism, and diaspora. With an interdisciplinary approach to law, CLAVE accepts articles across many disciplines such as cultural studies, literary studies, political theory and science, sociology, philosophy, ethnic and racial studies and law.